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Gus: You do have a lot of earrings.
Emily: Haha, only five.
Gus: Daisy - that's my wife - she used to have two. Just one in each ear.
Emily: Yeah, that's - that's pretty normal.
Gus: I think that's enough. You don't think you've gone overboard?
Emily: Not at all! In fact, I've been thinking about getting some more. What would you think of that? And a nose ring, maybe.
Gus: My sister had a ring in her nose. She joined a circus, you know. She was a trapeze artist.
Emily: Yes, you've told me.
Gus: Oh, have I? I'm sorry... I forget...
Emily: No, no, I like the story! Your sister sounds way cool.
Gus: She's dead now. All my family is dead. Daisy too... Not the children, though. Or the grandchildren.
Emily: ...
Gus: Though they never visit me...
Emily: Well, your daughter will call tomorrow.
Gus: But she won't come back... Has - has Adam called?
Emily: Uh... I don't think so. Not this month.
Gus: But did you tell him what the doctor said?
Emily: Yes, we did.
Gus: I'm going to die alone.
Emily: No, you won't.
Gus: I don't want to die alone.
A coworker to someone else: You've got your morning tea? Good
Alt text: The old men and the babies they're all placed in their prams / And wheeled slowly out into the sunshine / It shines down through the green backyard / They get rolled there everyday / I guess its something we must do