↓ Transcript
Emily: Hey, um, Death... ...
Death: Um... what? Uh... are you going to say something?
Emily: Yeah... This just gets a whole lot weirder when I use your name.
Death: Really? Why?
Emily: Because I'm talking to you! The Grim Reaper! DEATH ITSELF!
Death: Yeah, but was it weird the other times we've talked?
Emily: I guess, but I only think about it when I use your name. Maybe I'll call you something else. I mean, I know I said it before, but...
Death: Oh, ok, I have lots of other names! Like... the Dark Steward of the Graveyard, or the Ultimate Reality, or the Harvester of...
Emily: Those are kind of long, and still weird. How about... would you mind something simple like... Dee?
Alt text: some less melodramatic options would have been Yama or Hine or Hel or Thanatos or Ankou or Morta or Kali or Tuoni or like, so many. tbh when i wrote this page i'd just been reading some of the thousand and one nights, so.