↓ Transcript
Death: Um... yeah. I hope I'm not... annoying...
Emily: What? No! I just didn't expect you to bother coming back.
Death: Why not? I'm still intrigued by you.
Emily: Am I that interesting?
Death: Sure. Also, you don't seem to resent me for the deaths of your loved ones.
Emily: But you said it's not your fault.
Death: See, you accept that! I like you.
Emily: Really? I wouldn't have thought I'd be the only one.
Death: Well, of the people I've talked to. They did live in rather more superstitious times, I guess. Also there's probably only half a dozen of them.
Emily: Still, everything has to die. Just imagine if they didn't!
Death: There are probably innumerable ways in which that would suck.
Emily: Agreed.
Alt text: probably at least some pros though