↓ Transcript
Girl: Shit, and now I've told you all that... It sounds ridiculous.
Emily: No, it doesn't.
Girl: I'm sorry, I'm really sorry...
Emily: Shh... It's ok...
(Meanwhile, Dee has been watching the proceedings. An earlier instance of him appears beside him.)
Earlier Dee:
What's going on?
Later Dee: Noone's dying here, you're supposed to be with someone across the road, you just missed.
Earlier Dee: Oh, whoops.
Later Dee: But, Emily has to stop this girl killing herself, and you have to go fetch her. 9.47 should do.
Earlier Dee: What!? But I don't - is that legal!?
Later Dee: I don't know, but it's what's happening. I suspect refusing to would be worse.
Alt text: it's not a big deal if Dee is a bit off with his aim sometimes