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<b>Emily:</b> But if you do want to, I'm here to listen. Makes sense if you don't, though. Ah, I don't really know what I'm doing an-
<b>Girl:</b> My mum SAID she would pick me up.
<b>Emily:</b> Sorry?
<b>Girl:</b> We'd ORGANISED it, she KNOWS I hate taking the bus, it's <b>creepy</b> this late at night, but she thinks I'm SOOO independent... and she's too busy being infatuated with Walter, she <b>always</b> does this, I was waiting for like <b>20 minutes</b> before she even TEXTED to say she was staying late at his, so I should go home with one of my friends. As if they hadn't all <b>left</b> already! As if they'd give me a lift anyway, it's not like - but then I don't even know if it's them - but I'm pretty sure Lucy hacked my accounts... It's all stupid, it's so <b>stupid</b>... and Mum doesn't know and she doesn't <b>get it</b> and she just <b>drops</b> me when she gets a new boyfriend like always and she probably wouldn't notice if I never went home and I thought, I ... I thought, why not!? Probably nobody <b>would</b> notice, nobody would care, it's what they all want anyway, and I can't <b>take this</b> anymore, I <b>can't</b>, maybe I'll do it, that'll show them, and then - I nearly - I nearly died, I - I nearly did it... I nearly <b>died</b>...
<i><b>Alt text:</b> let it all out