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Emily: But if you do want to, I'm here to listen. Makes sense if you don't, though. Ah, I don't really know what I'm doing an-
Girl: My mum SAID she would pick me up.
Emily: Sorry?
Girl: We'd ORGANISED it, she KNOWS I hate taking the bus, it's creepy this late at night, but she thinks I'm SOOO independent... and she's too busy being infatuated with Walter, she always does this, I was waiting for like 20 minutes before she even TEXTED to say she was staying late at his, so I should go home with one of my friends. As if they hadn't all left already! As if they'd give me a lift anyway, it's not like - but then I don't even know if it's them - but I'm pretty sure Lucy hacked my accounts... It's all stupid, it's so stupid... and Mum doesn't know and she doesn't get it and she just drops me when she gets a new boyfriend like always and she probably wouldn't notice if I never went home and I thought, I ... I thought, why not!? Probably nobody would notice, nobody would care, it's what they all want anyway, and I can't take this anymore, I can't, maybe I'll do it, that'll show them, and then - I nearly - I nearly died, I - I nearly did it... I nearly died...
Alt text: let it all out