↓ Transcript
Girl: ...
Emily: I know, it sounds crazy. But it's all I've got. Do you want to see him?
Dee: I am not showing myself to her.
Emily: Surely it's the least you could do. You didn't give me a better excuse!
Dee: Your other lie was fine.
Emily: Until the scythe!
Dee: I told you -
Emily: There was NOTHING ELSE! She's clearly having a bad time, we owe her honesty at least!
Dee: No we don't! Anyway that's a reason to not, I don't want to freak her out worse!
Emily: Why don't we ask her, and then respect her wishes? (Turning to the girl:) Death is concerned that revealing himself might alarm you. He also prefers to be a secret.
Girl: Um... I see.
Alt text: 6th panel like: don't bring my emotional state into your weird invisible spat pls