↓ Transcript
Girl: If you're sure it's not too much trouble, that'd be - incredible. Um, I have to put this away first, though...
Emily: oh right
Girl: Is - that ok? I'm sorry, I was meant to do it after training - but I -
Dee: I'll get the noose.
Emily: I'll put the chairs away!
Girl: ... Thank you ...
Dee: (looking up at the basketball hoop as she swings it away): Those words on the backboard... did you deliberately...?
Girl: uhh... yeah. It was... a kind of joke? half joke, half... 'fuck you'
Dee: Hehe. It's pretty funny.
Girl: Oh. ...Thanks? I'll just... get my stuff out of the change room now... Sorry...
Dee: Take your time!
Alt text: Elaine, the cleaning lady, was not going to find it very funny. Luckily she was doing the other end of the building for all of this.