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Dee: H-how dare you!! You can't just rip bits off me!!
Emily: (the scrap of robe is now a couple of bus tickets, which she holds up) I don't have my wallet.
Dee: So!? That- hey, how'd you do that?
Girl: Did you just... ...are those bus tickets? huh... ...The last bus was at 10:30... sorry
Emily: Oh. Hmm...
Dee: I carried Emily here. I could carry you home.
Emily: Or you could stay at my place, if you'd rather not go home right now.
Girl: Really!? I- I mean... I probably shouldn't intrude on your family like that...
Emily: Oh it's no trouble! My family can't mind, this is serious, and we have a guest room all made up.
Dee: Since when do you have a guest room?
Emily: Since Maddy and Carmine went back to sharing, MONTHS ago.
Dee: Oh.
Alt text: get with the times Dee