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Emily: In fact, for all you know, we could've been besties by now! We're not, we've probably never spoken before, but we have three classes together! Her name's Zoe Jerome, she's one of those sporty party girls, I - I see her around all the time, I - can't believe this - Was I supposed to know this was going on?? I know people say really awful things about her, but I didn't -
Dee: I'm really sorry.
Emily: What am I supposed to do? Should I take her to hospital? She doesn't want to go, but - she nearly killed herself! Do I tell someone? What do I do, Dee??
I haven't got a clue. I never deal with this side of it.
Emily: Can't you - find out?
Dee: What do you want me to do, google it?
Alt text: seems like a party girl