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Zoe: I have to go, I have to seem normal... I have to seem ok.
Emily: ...Right. You could borrow my scarf? Would that cover it?
Zoe: Oh! Yes!
Emily: Although, you might want to be wearing winter uniform. Don't want to risk a strict teacher today...
Zoe: I only have my summer dress...
Emily: Mm. Wanna borrow mine?
Zoe: I've borrowed so much already!
Emily: What do I keep telling you, it's all cool! Here. You're a bit taller than me but I'm fatter, so I hope it's not too big...
Zoe: I - I - I'm so sorry - I didn't mean to -
Emily: What?
Zoe: I - You - You're not fat -
Alt text: Every time I'm like 'is this a weird overreaction?' I remember, yes, but: one time at my high school, the whole year 12 common room was in outrage because this one girl had been given a dress that was too big by a relative, so she gave it to her friend who was bigger. Everyone thought that was incredibly rude, and gossiped about it all day. Gosh we all learned a lot of body hang-ups.