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Markus: Really?
Emily: Yes.
Markus: Wow. Why the change of heart?
Dee (doing spooky fingers): I am your conscience...
Emily: My conscience bullied me.
Dee: Did not.
Emily: I'll finish my game later. You got a board?
Markus: Um yes.
Abe: Hey! You got her! Dammit, I owe you money...
Emily: A bet. I might've guessed.
Markus: Yeah, he didn't think you'd come.
Emily: Well I did. Let's get this over with. I'm black.
Markus: OK.
Alt text: When I was a kid I never knew white always moves first; when I first heard about it I thought it was someone's ridic house rule. I'm not sure how we determined who moved first. But I did know about castling. It really all depended on what rules Dad mentioned.