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Dee: Why would I be a skeleton?
Emily: I think most people would expect that. Aren't you supposed to take the form people believe in?
Dee: I thought so, but... Damn! There goes that theory...
Emily: You're not hideous, though. Not at all. Why did you think...?
Dee: Well, working from the old theory, I figured people wouldn't imagine me to be anything but unpleasant. So I assumed I was ugly. Are... are you sure I'm not?
Emily: Yes. I mean, you're not at all beautiful, but... To tell the truth you look a little like Voldemort. But with a nose.
Dee: Who's...?
Emily: He's the bad guy from a series of books called Harry Potter.
Dee: The bad guy. Hmm.
Emily: You only look a bit like him. Tall, bald, cloaked... Pale... The similarities end there.
Alt text: rather quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater on your single metaphysical theory my dude