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Emily: What about Wikipedia, do you still edit that?
Dee: Uh... yes? Is this a separate question?
Emily: No it's related. I also put letters on all of your pages. So uh - you probably can't edit Wikipedia from my computer anymore, because I got our IP banned. Sorry.
Dee: Wait - what pages?
Emily: All the pages about you! All the death god ones and that.
Dee: Oh! Emily, I don't check those.
Emily: Bummer. I was hoping it might come to your attention somehow anyway.
Dee: Why didn't you just go to my user page?
Emily: Your what?
Dee: My page for me as an editor. My username.
Emily: I didn't know Wikipedia has usernames! Do you have an email address?
Dee: Hold on, my turn for a question now! You've asked like, three.
Emily: FINE
Dee: The bus ticket trick. How did you do that?
Alt text: Vandalising someone's wikipedia page is USUALLY a pretty effective summoning technique though