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Emily: You're here! It's you! I missed you!!
Dee: I missed you too!!
Emily: What've you been up to? Gosh I have so much to ask you -
Dee: Me too! I was thinking, what if we took it in turns to ask each other questions?
Emily: That's very orderly! Ok! Who's first?
Dee: You can, if you like.
Emily: Ok! Where to start... Umm. Did you find any of my letters?
Dee: What letters - ? Did you write - but how would you post -
Emily: I didn't post them, I left them places I thought you might revisit. Like, the tree at school, the graffiti wall -
Dee: Emily, I don't - I don't tend to revisit the past -
Emily: I know, you've told me. But we both know you do sometimes, so... Ah well, you didn't.
Alt text: i mean i cried a lot about it to olive but we're good now!!!! so ah well!!!