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Dee: Yeah, sure. But what if you're the driver? What do you think of my version? If you brake, are you saving lives?
Emily: ... I don't think so, because... if it was, then simply not being a horrible erratic driver would make you a hero.
Dee: Yeah! So in some cases, being in charge of something means that just not failing is neutral.
Emily: But you didn't make her depressed! You weren't involved in the situation until you intervened! It's totally different from driving a car, you don't drive the universe!
Dee: But I'm just one of it's functions, my whole purpose -
Emily: I KNOW! But what happened only happened because of you! I don't - URGH! What if, what if you straight up saved her? What if you cut her down, and didn't involve me at all? Couldn't that have been the order of reality -
Dee: No, because I can't do that!
Alt text: today i saw a christmas sign that said 'dear Santa, define GOOD' and i wish i made buds with an ethics professor just so i could give that to them