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Emily: But you basically did!
Dee: But I didn't!
Emily: But what if you did? What if you found out someone was about to die, and you are going to intervene? Just you?
Dee: But I - I can't do that!
Emily: Why not? What if you knew you were going to, despite everything? Is it more important to you to follow your deterministic universe, or this weird rule?
Dee: ... I - I don't know. I think - I would have to - I couldn't not, but - it would be wrong.
Emily: Why is that wrong, if this isn't? Hey - if you didn't know your actions beforehand, would you have fetched me?
Dee: ... no
Emily: Why not?
Dee: Because if she was going to die -
Emily: But if she wasn't, but you just didn't know that?
Dee: I would assume she'd survive regardless of my actions, whatever they'd be, and I wouldn't intervene.
Emily: So if you didn't already know you were going to do what you did, you'd have called it intervening, and wrong?
Alt text: hmmm looks like your line of socratic questioning is going............ somewhere