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Dee: Ugh! Yeah, I guess?
Emily: So - what if it was the wrong thing? What if you shouldn't have done that?
Dee: I'm - pretty sure it was okay.
Emily: But how do you know? Does your rule have fine print or anything? Do you even know this for sure, or are you just guessing?
Dee: I know this. I know this, like I know what I am, and how to find the next person, and how to detach a soul from a body. I know it absolutely, and I always have. But I... don't know, for sure, what the edges are, and I don't know what happens if I get it wrong. And I'm pretty sure this was okay, but I'm... a little worried it wasn't. I'm allowed to be in the chain of cause and effect, because I am, inevitably - people's lives and deaths are caused by other people's deaths, all the time. I know there's a point where it's too direct. But I don't know... specifically which point.
Emily: Like the one with the fat person on the bridge, not a lever?
Alt text: one of the incredibly few things i knew before i met you