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Dee: I hope I didn't make anything worse... She was shaking really bad when I took her to your house...
Emily: Yeah, she told me. But I still think she'll be ok. It's so weird how people react like that! No wonder your self-esteem's so bad.
Dee: Hey, no it isn't!
Emily: Hm. Well, good, then. Oh! I just remembered - um, in work news... You remember Gus?
Dee: Yes?
Emily: Well, word got out about that, and I've had a couple of people ask if I could... maybe do that again? Is there any chance you'd be... ok with that?
Dee: I thought that other person said they wouldn't tell anyone?
Emily: I guess she did anyway. It's ok, I said she could.
Dee: Hmm... well, nothing seemed to go wrong last time... How many more people have asked?
Alt text: Sometimes i'm like 'which one's the shrek and which one's the donkey' but they're both shrek