↓ Transcript
Emily: Whoa! Judgey much!?
Dee: I'm not - Sorry! I mean - What if she tries again?
Emily: Shunning her would hardly help.
Dee: Oh! Are you just trying to help her?
Emily: I'm not "just" trying to help! Like, I am, but you can't base a whole friendship on pity. Yeesh! It's early to tell, but... I think we hit it off. She seems cool.
Dee: You're so weird.
Emily: Speak for yourself!
Dee: Do you think she'll... be ok?
Emily: No idea. Maybe? I didn't actually expect her to sit with us, but she did. She said she was too afraid to split from her jerk friends, but she did. ... I think she'll get out of this. But far out, people are awful.
Alt text: Emily is significantly more confident in her befriending abilities nowadays