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Dee: That's good.
Emily: Yeah. I've got more friends than I can poke a stick at, now! You're back; and Olive and I've been keeping up the emails and internet chats; and now I think I'm making friends with Zoe!
Dee: What! Zoe!?
Emily: Um, yeah?
Dee: You're hilarious!
Emily: What makes you say that!?
Dee: Just - you! You have the oddest taste in friends. You've got - well, me; you've got the girl who can't speak - and now someone actively suicidal!
Emily: What about Markus and them?
Dee: Wasn't that just because your hand was forced?
Emily: My hand wasn't that forced!
Dee: Would you have befriended them if not for Maddy and myself?
Emily: Probably not, but I still chose people I did genuinely like! What, do you think I shouldn't make friends with Zoe?
Dee: I dunno, I just - aren't you worried?
Emily: Of course I'm worried about her.
Dee: That's not what I mean, I mean... she might be a difficult friend to have.
Alt text: Excuse you I have been worried non-stop for 18 hours