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Dee: Oh, right! Well - what have you been up to, these past eight months?
Emily: Eh, not much... school, work, making friends, turning my image around...
Dee: Ah! So did that work alright, then?
Emily: I guess... I don't need to reiterate how utterly lousy your plan was -
Dee: - but you'll never let that stop you -
Emily: Well. I made it work, anyway. I'm wildly popular now.
Dee: Is that so?
Emily: Mm-hmm. Haha! Well, not exactly - but Markus' crew mostly likes me, and the debating team, and the rest of the school's lost interest if nothing else.
Dee: Whaaaaat!! They suckered you into the debating team!?
Emily: I know, right! And chess.
Dee: Whaaaat! And how's Maddy? Did any of this help her?
Emily: Not... really, but I sorted out the last bullies. She's going good now, she's got friends and goes to book club and joined the netball team. I think she's forgiven me now.
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