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Dee (wearing his robe shortened to a jumper/hoodie length, with his hood up):
Does this look ok?
Emily: Oh dear. I think you'd better have your hood down.
Dee: Oh... why can't I have it up? People wear hoods!
Emily: Yes, but their faces usually don't completely vanish when they do. Also it tends to make them look like they're up to something, which I thought you'd prefer to avoid.
Dee: Oh, right. But otherwise, does it look like a normal hoodie? Are there details I should add?
Emily: Hm... you could add ribbing to the sleeves, and maybe draw cords? And a pocket...
Dee: Ugh! Can you do it? You're so much better at this than I am.
Emily: Well that seems backwards, doesn't it? I'm sure it's just practise... but here.
Dee: Thank you! And also can you make me some shoes please?
Emily: Haha, ok, ok...
Alt text: (Snape voice) people might think you're... UP to something