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Emily: Why not!? I mean, there's no rush on it, we don't have to do it anytime soon -
Dee: Yeah there's no rush ever, if I don't want to do something yet I'll just time travel. But this -
Emily: And then we can talk in public again, but I won't look weird!
Dee: You'll look weird, you'll be hanging out with a creepy old man.
Emily: Only people with phobias of death will be creeped out! And most people don't! And even if they do, it probably won't be that big a deal!
Dee: I think you're putting a lot of faith in this one idea Zoe had! You have no proof of this!
Emily: Well, and this is how we find out! C'mon, nobody's going to start a murder cult just cos they saw one slightly odd dude in the street.
Dee: Maybe not consciously -
Emily: And you won't overwhelm people by being everywhere at once, which can't have helped those other times.
Dee: Ugh, how much did I tell you about all that!?
Emily: Dee, just... please? Can we give this a shot? Just one time?
Dee: You'll never let it rest until I try, will you?
Emily: ... I - ...
Dee: Well... maybe you'll be right about this, too. Let's... find out.
Emily: !!!
Alt text: take him out on the town~