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Dee: I don't think it's just knowing I'm Death! When we were doing those experiments trying to find the limits of my invisibility and that... Remember how many people just saw a photo of me and commented?
Emily: Way ahead of you, dude! Got those results right here. Once that happened twice, I started jotting down how many said stuff, and what they said.
Dee: You did!?
Emily: Trying to be complete! Anyway, only eight people said anything, and not one of them guessed you weren't human. They all talked like you were an ugly or mean-looking but ordinary human being.
Dee: Great.
Emily: It is, though! The vast majority of people took the photos at face value, and didn't seem bothered or say anything! And the ones who said stuff still didn't suspect!
Dee: But that was a sample size of only about a hundred... and 10% is a lot... And I bet there were people who were thinking stuff but not saying anything...
Emily: Whatever, man! They can think rude things and keep them to themselves! If they're not keen on being near you - we'll be in public, they can stand somewhere else!
Dee: You really want me to do this, don't you.
Emily: You said you want to be braver!
Dee: This isn't... what I meant.
Alt text: why do you have so many receipts to throw in my face