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Emily: I know right!? But now it seems so obvious! Zoe and I are like, diametrically opposed on both fronts!
Dee: Did you talk about - her will to live?
Emily: No, it was sort of the elephant in the room. But! This brings me back to a thing I was mulling over while you were away: When you tried revealing yourself, back in the day, did you specifically reveal yourself as death?
Dee: Uhh... what do you mean?
Emily: Like, you didn't pretend to just be an ordinary dude, like a living person, not Death?
Dee: Uh, no, how could I have done that. It's pretty obvious what I am.
Emily: Not necessarily! Ok, sure, if you're looking like a skeleton or whatever, probably hard to pass. But you've got skin! What if -
Dee: Emily...
Emily: No, no, hear me out! I really think, if you just wore normal clothes, you could go out in public and nobody would question whether or not you're human! And... I think... that could be... cool.
Dee: Emily, I can't - that's not -
Emily: Why not?
Alt text: how could i have seemed like a person at all what are you TALKING about