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Zoe: Yeah! Haha! When I was little, I was so afraid of dying in my sleep I'd try and stay awake all night. Or sneak into Mum's bed. Did you ever have that fear?
Emily: No, never!
Zoe: Didn't think so. But you still don't WANT to die, right?
Emily: No!
Zoe: I think that attitude is pretty normal!
Emily: Like spiders! Lots of people find them REALLY freaky, but people who don't still don't want to be bitten.
Zoe: Yeah!! I actually really like spiders.
Emily: Oh me too, they're great! Zoe, this is - You're amazing!
Zoe: Haha! It's only a thought...
Emily: But it makes so much sense!
Dee! Zoe said the most amazing thing today!
Dee: Oh! How is she?
Emily: Yeah, good, it was good to catch up, but listen!
That's very strange! Wow! It's never occurred to me that fear of death may not always correlate with will to live!
Alt text: I love spiders but even so, the first time I picked one up with my bare hands I did a double take like 'hold on, since when was I okay with this!?'