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Zoe: Really!? Huh! Do they ask? Do you ever wanna tell them the truth?
Emily: Oh! I'd LOVE to introduce him to my family! But... he doesn't think it's a good idea, and... seems like he's right and I am the exception.
Zoe: What, just cos I think he's way creepy?
Emily: You and most people, apparently.
Zoe: Yeah, but... I was thinking about that, the other day, and... You could both be right, still.
Emily: What do you mean?
Zoe: Well... It would make sense if lots of people are really scared of him, because fear of death is one of the most common phobias... but definitely not everyone has it, probably not even most. I mean, more people are afraid of public speaking!
Emily: ... You think it's a phobia thing? Not just a healthy avoidance of dying?
Zoe: I dunno! It's just a thought! But dying's always been my worst fear.
Emily: Really!
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