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Zoe: Ugh! I've been ranting too much, my ice cream is melting!
Emily: Oh no! Get it!
Zoe: Do I complain too much? Am I too bitter?
Emily: No way! Complain more! You're so quiet at school.
Zoe: Really!? Either way, I've gotta catch up on this, so you tell me how your Christmas was!
Emily: Hah, alright! Yeah, mine was good - I missed last year, cos I went to Scotland, and Grandma and Grandpa came this year! So that was nice.
Zoe: Your grandparents don't usually go?
Emily: Nah; well, often, but not always. They travel, or visit friends... We see them at other times of year, and everyone else on our side's dead.
Zoe: Oh.
Emily: So we go stay with Alan's family. His sister has a beach house, it's great fun. Dee loves it there.
Zoe: Does - does he go to your family Christmas?
Emily: He tags along. They never meet him, obviously. Closest he's come is towing me and the cousins around on our boogie boards. Heh, they still don't know how it happens. Great fun.
Alt text: Both of Emily's maternal grandparents have lost all their siblings and never had any nephews, nieces or niblings. Then one of their daughters died too. Unlucky.