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Emily: Is your mum a feminist? Since when!?
Zoe: That's the thing! Not like I can talk, I guess, but - We were hosting Christmas so it was worse than usual but - She ALWAYS makes me help with food and cleaning? While Zac has to mow the lawn and move furniture. Doesn't it seem backwards that anything needing strength goes to him automatically? Like, I know science, but -
Emily: But you do so much sport!?
Zoe: EXACTLY! He doesn't do anything but play guitar and video games! I said this to Mum, but - She straight-up said 'guys are supposed to be stronger, and nobody likes a girl who's too strong'.
Emily: WHAT!
Yeah! Feminism, right!?
Emily: Now you mention it, I think this happens at my Christmas, too, when we go stay with the boy cousins - at home we're all girls. Except Alan but. And yeah, the boys always get offered seconds first, too!
Zoe: Yeah! Same! Zac'll be in his room all day and get offered seconds and thirds - but if I so much as fill my plate Mum's all 'Oh, Zoe, are you really going to eat all that?'
Emily: UM! WHAT! Even at Christmas!?
Zoe: Even at Christmas! Even if I've been swimming for hours - and that makes you SO hungry...
Alt text: alan's alright