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So how was your Christmas?
Zoe: Eh, alright. Good to see my Aunty Leslie at least.
Emily: She the family highlight?
Zoe: Haha! I guess. She's got the best stories; I don't have a lot to say to most of my relatives. Christmas is overrated.
Emily: Not a fan?
Zoe: I'd probably like it better if Mum wasn't driving me nuts. Did I tell you she and Walter broke up?
Emily: Oh no! When?
Zoe: Just before term ended. He was gonna be at Christmas but now she's the only single one again, so - overcompensation central.
Emily: Gee! That must be really disappointing for her.
Zoe: ... Yeah. I should be more understanding, but I'm just mad. Is that awful?
Emily: Nah, just vent to me! What's she doing?
Zoe: It's not new - she hates being a single parent, right, but always puts on such a show - Like, she was telling Aunty Leslie how, like, liberated she is cos she never needed Walter to help parent - and how she's raised us to be so independent - She even said some crap about how she's taught us all her "feminist values" - Yeah, right!
Alt text: emily got raspberry and dark chocolate; zoe got mango and lemon-lime. fyi!