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Emily: What exactly was the point of that, Dee?
Dee: I panicked - I'm sorry -
Emily: Sorry that lie was so pointless? Sorry you only got five minutes of me thinking people could - I mean how long did you think that would last? How stupid do you think I am?
Dee: I don't! I didn't think! I didn't mean to lie! I didn't plan to, I just, I realised you couldn't tell, and -
Emily: You were never gonna tell me!?
Dee: I don't know!
Emily: You let me stroll along - believing - I didn't even think to question - Weren't you anti the whole 'looking crazy' thing?!
Dee: Yes! Emily! I am so, so sorry! I did a pointless, cowardly thing, which I did not think through at all! I'm sorry for panicking! I won't do it again! I promise! Please, please can we try again?
Emily: ... Do you even want to? You can back out, just - tell me first! That's all I ask.
Dee: I know! I know. And I really, truly, try to always be truthful with you.
Emily: ... You 'try'.
Alt text: do or do not, etc etc