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Dee: I do! Genuinely!
Emily: I know you already told me you've lied before. I just thought... I hoped... you didn't... anymore.
Dee: That's true! I haven't told any new lies in ages. Years! Until... until now. And I really didn't mean to!
Emily: I can't believe you, though!
Dee: ... I know there's nothing I can do to prove it...
Emily: No!
Dee: But I can prove that this time I'm actually visible!
Emily: ... The point was to have less secrecy bullshit.
Dee: Yes, and we can still have that! C'mon, I'll wave to the next person I see, and they'll hopefully react somehow. Please, Em? I'm really sorry, I won't do it again. You don't have to forgive me, just... please?
Emily: ... okay.
(They head back to the main road.)
Alt text: there's some kind of rule of communication where you've gotta assume what someone's saying to you is honest, relevant, and complete, or something like that, but i forgot what it's called or where i read about it ---Update: it's the Cooperative Principle, a Gricean maxim! Thank you!