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Emily: If I got you out here, and showed you people weren't freaking out, it'd be fine and you'd have fun. But I didn't listen to you enough... I mucked it all up.
Dee: I don't... But it is going fine?
Emily: I made you have a panic attack!
Dee: That's not your fault, that's just me being...
Emily: No, I should have paid more attention, I should have thought more about what I've asked you to do. Like, I knew this was a big ask, I knew I had to be careful... But I keep doing this! I keep just pushing you around and not listening to you...
Dee: But you do listen? When have you ever pushed me around?
Emily: Loads of times! (Her latte arrives.) Oh, thanks! There was the time with Abe - I talked you into the stuff with the old folks -
Dee: Oh they're fine, I think that's the best possible way to use my powers to help people.
Emily: Well, and I made you show yourself to Zoe - and there's all those times I pushed on a sore point 'til you got mad at me -
Dee: Really? I don't remember being angry at you.
Emily: (SIGH) It's definitely happened a few times.
Dee: Like when?
Emily: Um, the big one was, that thing you don't want me to talk about.
Alt text: how many ways have you really thought about using your powers to help people though