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Dee: It doesn't matter, because I know I can refuse. And I have. I've never taken you overseas, or looked up things in the future for you, or helped you cheat on tests, or told you what happens when you die, or lots of things.
Emily: I suppose so...
Dee: I'm very fond of your strong personality! You're incredibly affirming, really. You're opinionated but you've never made me feel like I can't have different ones. You make me feel like a person, with my own thoughts and feelings. And that they matter.
Emily: Well, that's all I want! To help you come out of your shell, and be less repressed, and more autonomous, but... if I do that by pushing you around, and making you hide your emotions even more...
Dee: That really freaked you out, didn't it? Why? I've seen you feign politeness when you're angry, or try to hold it together when you're upset, and leave if you can't.
Emily: ... I guess.
Server: Your toast?
Emily: Ah thank you!
Dee: See, like that!
Alt text: 'Cause you make me feel / You make me feel / You make me feel like an act-u-al person ♫