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Emily: I think I just thought I'd be able to tell when you were doing it.
Dee: Heh. Once again, you could just believe me when I say I'm scared.
Emily: Yeah, I know!
Dee: Although, on that subject... um... next time you deal with the police... maybe that's a good time to act calm? That was... also scary.
Emily: I thought you said the police calmed you down!?
Dee: I mean I was scared for you. I didn't want them to... ... Look, I suspect this is another thing where my perspective is severely biased... they were pretty by-the-book today... but I've just seen... a lot of dealings with police go... very bad.
Emily: Oh, right. Yeah, I bet. I think I remember reading about those laws, actually. About how they're really an invitation to profile. And how obviously that can get super racist.
Dee: Among other things. Haha, look at me sounding all cynical. I never used to think about it... the patterns are so obvious, and I just thought there were real reasons... I mean, with me today, there was, but...
Alt text: me drawing this page: how do people even hold cutlery i am a child of the wilderness what is a fork