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Emily: No, that was the same thing. They didn't have a real reason, just a subconscious distrust. It's unjust.
Dee: I don't know, 'unjust' seems harsh... I wouldn't have a clue how to create or maintain a just society. They're trying their best. Even if... (Shakes his head.) But I'm biased. I see the bad. That can't be law enforcement as a whole.
Emily: Except when it is, because everyone comes up with excuses. And strengthens laws like these stop and search powers.
Dee: Well... ... But... Anyway, I kinda do have a concealed weapon, so.
Emily: Really!? Why!?
Dee: My scythe's in my pocket. Not that they could find it.
Emily: Oh, right. That's legal though, you need it for work.
Dee: Oh! Are there exemptions for that?
Emily: Pretty sure.
Dee: Although it's not like I have a licence. Oh geez, I'm glad they didn't ask me for any ID!
Emily: Oh yeah! Eh, I'd have whipped one up for you.
Alt text: excuse me, just WHERE did you get your qualification,