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(Browsing the t-shirts.)
Hey, um... when I was searched, they asked me to take off my hoodie, and then... they seemed surprised? ...was I supposed to be wearing one of these? Or something like this?
Emily: Uh, yeah, usually hoodies and jackets and jumpers go over other clothes.
Dee: I didn't know that! Why didn't you tell me!?
Emily: I didn't think it would come up! And I kinda forgot you didn't already know that stuff!
Dee: Right, yes.
Emily: I'm sorry!
Dee: It's ok! Maybe I could... buy a t-shirt? For... next time?
Emily: Next time!? You wanna do this again!?
Dee: I'm not sure yet, but... maybe? Either way I should be dressed appropriately for whatever comes up.
Emily: You don't need to buy one for that, though, I could make you one. I mean, you'd have to leave it behind if you, you know, otherwise.
Alt text: 'How did you mess up the carpet!?' 'I didn't know he was gonna rub his damn cheek on it!'