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Dee: I don't have to leave that abruptly, though...
Emily: I'm just saying, if you're trying to be prepared for any-
Dee: Hey! Should I try this on?
(He holds up a t-shirt emblazoned with YOLO.)
Oh my god! Don't even THINK about it!
Emily (outside the change room while Dee tries it on): Do you even know what it stands for?
Dee: Of course! I'm gonna buy it!
Emily: This isn't how I raised you!
Dee: Whatever! You're not my real mum!
Emily: Well I'm not loaning you any money!
Dee: I don't need your money! Ha!
(He enthusiastically slams a couple of notes onto the cashier's counter.)
Alt text: Death, drunk with power, purchases a novelty t-shirt.