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(Emily is filling in the visitor sign in log at the nursing home.)
A coworker:
Hello Emily! You're a visitor today?
Emily: Yeah! Just came to hang out with Ken.
Coworker: Wait, it's Wednesday, shouldn't you be at school?
Emily: Nah I have a double spare!
Coworker: I can't believe you free time.
Emily: Knock, knock! Mind if I pop in?
Kenneth: Oh Emily! How are you my dear!
Emily: I'm great! Ah is that the cryptic?
Kenneth: No I've finished that, on to the regular! I don't suppose you've a moment to look over these clues with me?
Emily: I'd love to! I might grab a cuppa, you want one?
Kenneth: Oh that would be lovely!
Emily: Have you had a call yet from Sally and the kids today?
Kenneth: Not yet... Goodness, it's nearly two! She must be at work still though.
Emily: Is she back from the holiday already?
Kenneth: Oh no that's right!
Emily: What do you say we call them, eh? See how Queensland is! I bet she's just about to call but we don't have to wait, do we! (On phone:) Hi Sally! I'm Emily, one of Kenneth's carers. We were thinking we'd call you for a change! Are you busy? ... Haha no worries! Hold on I'll put you on speaker. ... There.
Sally (over phone): Hey Dad!
Kenneth: Hi Sal!
Alt text: This guy's obviously got loads of life left in him!