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Dee: Hello! Oh... are you ok?
Emily: Yeah, just thinking about Kenneth. His funeral was today but I was at school.
Dee: Oh, right. I'm sorry. He had a pretty good death - he was glad it was quick, and you were there, and he got to talk to Sally...
Emily: Yeah. But it was sudden, even though I knew, and I'll miss him. I got another request, though! Could you check Magda Lachowski, please?
Dee: Uh, sure! (Reappearing as he vanishes) Yeah, in a couple of weeks actually. July 8th, 8pm.
Emily: Oh, wow, jeez. So that's a Sunday, alright. I dunno what I'll do if someone dies while I'm meant to be in school.
Dee: How is the rumour even spreading again? Did you mention knowing when Kenneth would die? Gus was a while ago wasn't he?
Emily: I think people just linked it. Well, Magda did. Do you think I should announce that I offer this service?
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