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Dee: How would you do that?
Emily: I dunno, I could put a notice on the board... Haha! Hairdresser comes on Thursdays, Bingo Fridays... Scared to die alone? Contact Emily, she'll be there!
Dee: Ha! Yeah, maybe better stick to word of mouth.
Emily: Probably.
Dee: I have another thing we need to consider: Not everyone at your nursing home sees me the same way.
Emily: Ooh! Of course!
Dee: So: I could stay invisible to you in those cases, or I could let you see my other forms. Which, you know, risks you not being able to unsee them and all that.
Emily: I think you know that doesn't worry me at all, and I'm super curious about your other forms!
Dee: Yes, I did suspect you'd say that.
Emily: Alright. I can imagine that if I saw you for every bug or bit of mould, that might be a bit... much. But there couldn't be that many humans dying near me?
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