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Emily: They'd have to be within eyesight and everything. What are the chances, really? So the real question, as ever, is what are you comfortable enough to allow?
Dee: There's a possible risk that seeing me in more forms might make you extrapolate to the rest anyway...
Emily: That seems a stretch, is that really likely?
Dee: I don't know! I don't know what's likely. I'm just doing my best at informed consent.
Emily: I'm for it, dude! I wanna see.
Dee: Yeah. I kinda... want you to see. I've been wanting to show you for a while now, I just couldn't think how.
Emily: Really! I thought you were dead set against it in case I go like Harshal!
Dee: Oh yeah definitely! I want both. I want you to be safe. But sometimes it feels funny that you know me so well... but only this part. And now I'm trying to be braver and less pessimistic, so.
Alt text: Safe? Maybe. Sane? For now. Consensual? Well at least THAT's for sure