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Dee: Honestly, I wish I could shapeshift right now and show you. Show and tell at someone's death bed seems a bit perverse.
Emily: I'll be chill, I won't try talk to you about it 'til after, but also I'm sure you could shapeshift! Have you been trying?
Dee: Yeah, to no avail. In fact... do you think you could have a go?
Emily: At shapeshifting? I'm human, dude!
Dee: Not you, me! You can make my cloak change. I'm the same stuff. Could you have a go? (He puts his hands in hers.)
! Uhh
Dee: Try! Maybe it could help me learn! If I know how it feels?
Emily: But you already know how it feels!? I can't see how this would help at all?
Dee: Just try! If it doesn't, it doesn't. But it might!
Emily: What if I hurt you?
Alt text: please! we already know i'm putty in your hands!