↓ Transcript
Dee: I don't think you will. Maybe it'll feel weird. But that's fine!
Emily (pulling her hands away): No, I'm not comfortable with that. That seems way too risky.
Dee: What? Why? I really don't think it would hurt, and even if it did-
Emily: Not just that! This is effortless to me now! (Manipulating the arm of her jumper to demonstrate that it is made of the stuff.) We were just discussing the risk that I might learn to see you so good you can't stop me. You want me to take telepathic control of your body?
Dee: I trust you.
Emily: It's not a matter of trust! That's just way too much power - especially because you don't know how to do it yourself. How would you fight back!?
Dee: Well, you already determine my form and I can't change it myself?
Emily: But I don't control that, it's just passive- also you just said that bothers you!
Dee: I don't think that's what I said. And what about when you fixed my hoodie and stuff? You already have changed me with your mind, actively. You know that, right?
Alt text: In defense of Dee's position, the worst Emily could do would only last until she died, and he would keep being immortal for a long time after. Not a HUGE deal. No consolation to her though