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Emily: But - Ugh, yes, I know that, intellectually, but it's hard to fully grasp, you know? Cos of how I live. And I'd rather preserve the clothes-body distinction, even if it's purely conceptual. Or maybe I should stop.
Dee: But, Emily... my outfits don't change with your whim, and that didn't hurt, so why can't-
Emily: NO! I don't want to be able to decide what you look like. I just want you to be yourself. You know I don't like the idea of you being imaginary. The less my imagination has to do with your manifestation, the better.
Dee: Wow... Haha, I really didn't expect you to be so strongly against this idea! I thought you'd be at least as interested as I am.
Emily: Bit of a role reversal, hey? I just hate the thought of going down that road.
Dee: Yeah, no, you've made your point!
Emily: Someone's gotta look out for your bodily autonomy! Yeesh!
Alt text: call me a human hung up on arbitrary social mores but i kinda don't want to think of you as constantly naked