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Emily: I read! I know things! Since when do you? Does this mean my friends asked you about it, though? I'm sorry...
Dee: One of them, yeah. But it's fine! Might've been a good thing, really.
Emily: Mm, you seem way happier than the you who was here just now... Did it go well, or are you just glad it's over?
Dee: It's going to go well! I'm going to enjoy myself immensely.
Emily: WHEW That's good! I've been worried it wouldn't be worth the stress I've put you through.
Dee: Yeah, it was all terrifying, but probably worth it. It is a relief that it's over, though. Until the next thing you concoct to bully me into.
Emily: May I remind you how often you forced me to play chess with Markus? And the old 'abandon me so I have to befriend other people' plan?
Dee: Yeah, yeah! Sorry! But see, it all comes good, so.
Emily: Indeed... the ends justify the means...
Dee: Emily no
Alt text: wrong moral