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Dee: Ok, so, basically: I grew up in this hippie commune in the bush where they were trying to abolish gender. So I was raised genderless. But a few years ago all my weird health problems forced me to leave so I could access hospitals and such more readily. That's the gist, I don't think you'll need more, but feel free to embellish.
Emily: ... oookay... why a commune?
Dee: It explained the most! Why did you tell your friends I'm not a man or a woman?
Emily: Cos you're not? ... was I not supposed to say that?
Dee: It's just surprising! I thought you thought of me as a man.
Emily: It's hard to not default to that, but I try to remember, since you said you're not.
Dee: Huh! I also thought you'd go with something that invited less questions.
Emily: I'm trying to be as truthful as possible!
Dee: But we're pretending I'm human!
Emily: But plenty of humans aren't men or women either! I don't see why you'd have a gender as a human if you don't now. And I don't think it necessitates being raised in the bush, either...?
Dee: I'm so surprised you'd think that! I didn't know you knew anything about that sort of stuff!
Alt text: well, if you want me to be genuine about my feelings on gender, i'm going to choose a backstory that best approximates 'i predate sexual reproduction let alone dimorphism or gender roles and don't care much about any of it, but now i have to interact with a bunch of people who are obsessed with it all'!