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Dee: Is it a problem if I'm supposed to have a debilitating disease but then I dance a lot? How energetic can I be?
Emily: You could be recovering? Or it could give you an excuse for breaks. Look, if you have that one, we could say you're on a special treatment diet and not able to eat the catering?
Dee: Oh? ..."Super mesenteric artery syndrome". Hmm...
Emily: Have you got any other parts of your backstory?
Dee: Oh my future self told me not to worry about that because I'll come up with it on the fly.
Emily: Really! Well it would be handy if your future self would tell me at least, so our stories match!
Dee: Oh yeah. I'll go tell me.
(He vanishes and a future self returns.)
Ah sorry! I forgot you'd still need to know.
Emily: I thought you didn't talk to yourself much?
Dee: Yeah but I'm hard to avoid.
Alt text: this isn't improv!!!!!!!! PLEASE do a character sheet and show it to me