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Dee: I don't suppose any of your friends... I wonder what they'd each see me as... maybe I should check...?
Emily: Oh, hm! Let's see... Markus and Jad are Greek? But they're Greek Orthodox, so... probably wouldn't see Hermes or Thanatos.
Dee: Doubt it. I could see anyway...
Emily: Sure, if you like! Ooh and Iris is Hindu, what's the Hindu death god like again? I know I've looked this up, but a while ago. Is it one of the blue many-armed ones?
Dee: Uh, depends, there's a few forms I take, I'd have to check to know which she'd get. But some could pass! Maybe I will see.
Emily: Sure! I'm curious anyway.
Dee: Nope nope none of them see anything useful at all! This is a disaster!
Emily: Oh, shh, no it isn't. I was always figuring you'd look like this. It'll be totally fine! Here, I've started making a list, what do you think of these?
Dee: What? Oh, diseases.
Alt text: there are so many Hindu gods and myths about death idek, i (the author) am one small googler with no background in this religion, but i love to read about them all