↓ Transcript
(Emily is on her bed using her laptop; Dee bursts in.)
Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE you won't shapeshift me?
Emily: Yeah, why are we back on this? Also, hi?
Dee: I really think... it would be easier at your formal if I could... look like a regular healthy teen.
Emily: I really think it will be fine! How's shapeshifting yourself going?
Dee: Yeah obviously I've figured it out and I'm asking you for kicks!
Emily: Yeah, yeah, ok.
Dee: ... Do you think I'm stupid for not figuring it out?
Emily: Not at all! We're only guessing it's possible, anyway, we don't know. Maybe only the insensate parts of you can be deliberately altered! Maybe I couldn't if I tried, either! Who knows!
Alt text: thanks but don't remind me to doubt your hunches, they are the only thing supporting this venture?????